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The Post District will amplify the neighborhood experience by providing accessible greenspace, elevated living, purposeful workspaces, and one-of-a-kind food and drink options. By serving as a dynamic and interactive area fusing adaptive reuse projects with new build construction, The Post District will be a central hub for Salt Lake City.



As a neighborhood, the Post District will welcome modern urbanites by providing a mix of gather, work, and living space. Each building will showcase a fresh design aesthetic focused on fusing the natural and built environment.



A wide variety of residential spaces will be available, including loft living, workforce housing, and contemporary apartment options. Pedestrian-friendly plazas with greenspace will connect residents to the greater neighborhood, and private outdoor amenities will be available at all buildings.

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Through adaptive reuse and new build construction, office space availability will be ample and able to fulfill the needs of any sized tenant. These spaces will provide your company with custom-fitted spaces, urban proximity, and modern amenities.

Select build-to-suit opportunities are available.

For office inquiries, please contact

Nadia Letey


Retail & Restaurants

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The Post District will be a city stronghold for desired food & drink establishments as well as local boutiques. Street-level entrances and patio seating will encourage gathering and neighborhood enjoyment at any time of year.